Mr M Smith -  Head Teacher
Mrs C Allan - Assistant Head and Year 6 Class Teacher
Mrs M Duncan - Assistant Head and Year 1 Class Teacher
Miss C Wilson & Mrs G MingStones - Nursery Teachers
Ms G McDonnell- Reception Class Teacher
Miss L Green - Year 2 Class Teacher
Mrs S Atkin & Mrs G MingStones - Year 3 Class Teachers
Miss N Cross - Year 4 Class Teacher
Mr D Moore - Year 5 Class Teacher
Mrs J Gosling - Year 6 Class Teacher
Mrs D Tate - SEN Support Teacher
Mrs T Pidgeon -Teaching Assistant
Mrs D Patrick - Teaching Assistant
Mrs L Forrest - Teaching Assistant
Mrs E Naylor - Teaching Assistant
Mrs A Mitford - Teaching Assistant
Mr P Pennal - Teaching Assistant
Miss R Johnson - Teaching Assistant
Mr G Marshall - PE Coach & Classroom Support
Miss A Martin- Learning Support Apprentice
Ms E Parker - Admin/Finance Manager
Miss A Hunter - Admin Support
Mr J Ryder - Facilities Supervisor
Mrs O Campbell - Cook in Charge
Mrs L Mills - Kitchen Support
Mrs T Penaluna - Kitchen Support
Mrs J Downey - Kitchen Support
Mrs D Gourley - Lunchtime Support
Miss S Gardner - Lunchtime Support
Miss C Kirkland - Lunchtime Support
Mrs B Whittaker - Lunchtime Support