Social and Emotional

Social, Emotional and Mental Health Needs

Mental Health Condition

Social Difficulties

Emotional Difficulties

We provide excellent pastoral care for our children.
When required we offer individual and small group sessions focusing on emotional understanding and expression.
We create a positive behaviour environment following our school’s catholic ethos. We strive to encourage the children to show care, respect and consideration for all through the promotion of positive values.
We organise behaviour management plans where necessary, to ensure children can access the curriculum and all children remain safe.
We complete risk assessments and then take action to ensure the safety and inclusion of all children, whenever possible, in all activities
We provide one to one nurture sessions for vulnerable children.
We put in place short term support for children  with a specific emotional need, for example, bereavement.
We run small group sessions with a focus on social skills.
We seek the expert advice and support of outside agencies, including the School Health Advisor and the Children and Young People’s Service (CYPS)

(Link: Anti-Bullying Policy)