Messages to Staff

 In order to ensure important information is not lost in transit or misunderstood, we have reviewed how and what information we record from Parents and have created a set of clear guidelines that we can all work to.

Firstly, there will be no changes to the ways we record all safeguarding information and staff and I will still be around to take short messages from the yard on a morning and evening. However, if a parent wants a more detailed conversation, staff will ask parents to make an appointment through the school office. This will allow for the matter to be discussed fully, hopefully resolved, and  a clear plan on how to proceed in the future.

This meeting will be recorded by the relevant staff then myself and the leadership team will be made aware of the contents of the record. This also means that rather than speaking to parents on the telephone about important issues, parents will need to make an appointment to ensure that the matter is dealt with within these new guidelines.