Cognition and Learning Needs

Children in need of additional support with Knowledge and Understanding

Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD)

We access the expertise and advice of the Special Educational Needs Teaching and Support Service (SENTASS) to ensure the needs of children are clearly identified.
We have member of staff trained in supporting pupils with Dyslexia offering advice and support to staff and parents
We have generous levels of support to provide effective pupil teacher ratios.

We provide small group support with a focus on literacy or numeracy skills, depending on need.
We use intervention programmes to improve literacy or numeracy skills- e.g. Lexia Rapid Reading; Read, Write Inc, Fresh Start, Numicon. Many of these programmes are also available at home.
We use Ipad technology extensively to support all aspects of learning. This stimulates and invigorates learning for pupils.
We provide resources to support children with specific needs- e.g. coloured overlays and reading rulers to help with reading for our dyslexic children.